Free Your Fears
12:00 PM12:00

Free Your Fears

The workshop will be an hour and a half and will be broken down in to three sections, meditation, group process and yoga. The reason for this break down is to blend the mind and body systems for ultimate holistic healing. 

In the four weeks we will explore the inner workings of your mind and locate where fear and blockages are occurring in your body. You will be asked to step into the seat of vulnerability and honestly assess and confront some of your deepest fears. With support, guidance and a whole lot of love you will move past your fears and doubts and transition freely into a world of endless hope and possibility. 

This workshop is capped at 15 people so please secure your spot as soon as you can, please be sure that you can make all four session as all purchases are non refundable. 

Materials: please being a pen and notebook

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